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If you require any technical assistance in implementing GS1 standards on product packaging as well as in your internal IT applications, you may choose to contact solution providers listed in the following categories:

Barcode Solution Providers

These companies offer complete barcode and labelling solutions, such as barcode generation/designing software, readers & hand held terminals, printers, etc.

Authentication Solution Providers

Companies listed under this category offer track and trace and anti-counterfeit solutions, to help you comply with various domestic and international regulatory requirements.

Online Printing Solution Providers

Companies listed under this category offer solutions to print barcodes, and other variable information, such as MRP, expiry date, batch number, etc., directly on your product packaging (including cartons) during the production process.

System Integrators

These companies offer integrated and turn-key software and hardware solutions for incorporation of GS1 standards with internal IT applications.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

These companies offer hardware and software solutions, such as RFID readers, antennas, printers, transponders, chips, tags, etc., to support RFID implementations.

Retail Software Solution Providers

Companies that offer software solutions to retailers, kirana merchants, mom and pop stores etc., which helps them maintain inventory, real-time billing, and real-time capture of transactions etc. For example, PoS systems etc.


If you are a solution provider and wish to register with GS1 India, learn about our Solution Provider Program