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Business to Consumer (B2C)

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Consumers' desire for easy access to more information and their increasing ability to access it via technology – leaves shoppers facing a dilemma: To trust or not to trust the digital data they receive about products they are considering for purchase? The potential impact is significant, as global research conducted by GS1 found that nearly 40% of shoppers said they would not buy a product if they could not trust the accuracy of the digital information.

GS1 believes a window of opportunity exists to improve consumer confidence in digital product information while also further addressing the growing focus among consumers and regulators on health and wellness. To address the topic of Business-To-Consumer (B2C) digital product information, GS1 proposes to provide guidance in the development of solutions that improve access to nutritional data for industry and consumers alike through a “Trusted Source of Data.” The objective is to support the communication of authentic product information provided by brand owners to retailers, application providers and government.Adoption of GS1 Standards for the implementation of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) applications connect consumers to trusted product information through mobile scanning of barcodes. GS1 Mobile Barcodes ensure interoperability of mobile eco systems.

GS1 Source

GS1 Source is a framework for sharing product information in consumer-facing digital channels. It is standards-based, scalable and interoperable. Companies can use GS1 Source to share information about their products on the cloud. Application developers can then integrate this product data in their web and mobile applications.

The goals of this initiative support all key stakeholders by:

  • Protecting the brand, as both the brand experience and the “moment of truth” when a consumer makes a purchase decision are increasingly moving online.
  • Improving the shopping experience and helping shoppers/consumers make informed decisions.
  • Raising consumer confidence that the product information they access is accurate and authentic, no matter how or where they shop – in store, online or with their smart phones.
  • Increasing sales – simply stated, better product information means better sales.

Beyond the label: providing digital information consumers can trust - A GS1/CapGemini Report