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Barcode verification

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GS1 India offers a barcode verification service to enable comprehensive barcode diagnostics. This service helps organisations print and maintain bar codes that conform to ISO and GS1 specifications and ensures efficient scanning by any type of barcode scanner in a variety of scanning environments.

Verification should ideally be carried out at the artwork stage, prior to bulk printing and thereafter once in a year to ensure consistency in print quality in different print runs. Verification is carried out by an ISO compliant verifier, followed by additional minute observations on several criteria like print contrast, magnification, light margins, bar width, representation, check digit calculation, etc. keeping in mind GS1 specifications.

At the completion of testing, a bar code verification report is issued. Recommendations for changes, if necessary, are suggested in the report. GS1 verification reports are accepted by retailers globally and are even a pre-requisite for acceptance of products by many of them.


  • GS1 India barcode verification service helps organisations:
  • Get their products accepted by retailers worldwide
  • Save costs of (a) reprinting due to bar code failures and (b) delay and possible order loss
  • Retain company goodwill

How to verify your GS1 BarCode

Organisations can apply for verification of their product packaging artworks incorporating GS1 BarCodes by sending packaging samples to GS1 India.
GS1 India provides detailed verification report for each sample, only for barcodes generated as per GS1 standards. 

Find more about barcode verification

Verification reports shall be provided free of cost for upto 2 barcode samples if the same are submitted to GS1 India within 30 days of allocation of the GS1 Company prefix number . Beyond this, barcode samples shall be charged for.

For any assistance, send an email to

The verification fee is Rs 562.00 per barcode sample (inclusive of 12.36% service tax) for GS1 India subscribers. For barcode samples using GS1 company prefix number issued by any other GS1 organisation worldwide, desiring verification reports from GS1 India, the fee applicable shall be Rs 843.00 (inclusive of 12.36% service tax) per barcode sample.

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