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e-Catalogue & Imaging Service

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Enhances Product Visibility & Sales 

In today’s world, enhanced visibility of your products on retail shelves is essential to draw consumers’ attention and help them make purchase decisions.

With the rapid proliferation of e-commerce, this becomes even more important since shoppers depend only on what they see on shopping sites. This demands high quality and multiple product images with detailed product information that is up-to-date and authentic.

However, capturing all this information, including images of hundreds and thousands of products can be challenging, time-consuming and costly, and it doesn't ensure error-free and structured data capture.

GS1 India offers e-Catalogue & Imaging service - a convenient, 'one-stop solution' for manufacturers and suppliers to meet all their product cataloguing and imaging needs, whether they want to sell their products online, in stores, or both.

Digital images and product attribute information, captured through GS1 India's e-Catalogue & Imaging Service, conforms to GS1 Product Image Specification Standards & GS1 Package Measurement Rules, which are used by leading retailers and online shopping sites worldwide.   

Once captured, product data and images can be uploaded to GS1 India's DataKart service that allows manufacturers and suppliers to share it with retailers and online shopping sites in an automated manner and in real time.


Benefits to suppliers/manufacturers

  • One-stop-shop for all cataloguing requirements
  • Reduced rejections, revisions and delays since data gets captured in a structured and consistent manner
  • Direct upload of product information and images into your DataKart account
  • Ensures high product visibility on retail shelves
  • Product images captured can be readily used for product promotions through the web, in-store displays, social media and more


Service options:

Number of products/SKUs


Unit price (In Rs)


Unit price (In Rs)

Up to 25



Between 26 and 50



More than 50



* Includes capturing of product images, attributes and dimensions.

** 4 images per product provided in 1024 x 1024 pixels using high-end light and camera equipment.

# Cost mentioned is inclusive of Service Tax @ 15% and may change with tax changes.


Physical products need to be sent to GS1 India to enable data capture and generation of high-quality product images. Select office location nearest to you. For more information, email datakart@gs1india.org