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XML is the acronym for “extensible Markup Language” - a set of rules for encoding documents in machine-readable form. It is designed to facilitate information exchange over internet and enables creation and validation of electronic business messages in place of traditional paper documents.

GS1 is one of the first standards organisations in the world to publish a global XML-based business standard. The GS1 XML message development is based on the Global Data Dictionary (GDD). The GDD is the repository of:

  • Data components, used to create the GS1 XML standards, developed according to the UN / CEFACT Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS)
  • Business terms and their representation in GS1 XML and other target standards

GS1 XML standards enable business partners to communicate business data rapidly, efficiently and accurately, regardless of their internal hardware or software. GS1 XML messaging is transport neutral and therefore works well with any technical solution or profile, including standard web services. It is not a stand-alone standard, but is integrated with other supply chain management tools that GS1 offers.

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