Our services facilitate implementation of GS1 standards to enhance operational efficiency of organisations

Our services help you implement GS1 standards correctly, apply them to different business processes and help meet requirements of your trading partners and regulators. Our portfolio of services includes: 


Assign GTINs, plus manage and share product data with retailers and online shopping sites - driving discoverability, sales, and efficiency.

e-Catalogue & Imaging

Meet all your product cataloguing and imaging needs for selling online, in stores, or both.


Allocation of GS1 Identifiers

Get unique and universal GS1 identifiers for your products, assets, services, locations, documents and more.

GTIN Validation

Improve data quality of Item Masters and product catalogues.

Barcode Verification

Ensure your barcodes scan efficiently and instantly all over the world.


Identify licensed owners of GS1 barcodes and access their contact information.

Consultancy & Advisory

We help you improve supply chain efficiency, profitability, safety and security, facilitating integration/compliance with buyer and regulatory requirements.

Education & Training

Make the most of GS1 standards and grow your businesses with our carefully designed, interactive, and comprehensive training programs.
Online webinars
Classroom workshops
Learning Zone