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  • Standardisation in healthcare for ensuring patient safety Patient safety takes a centre stage in healthcare and draws attention of regulators and policy makers worldwide. In a study undertaken by Harvard University, it was found that nearly 50 thousand deaths occurred in India, annually, due to medical errors. Patient safety relates to five basic rights which include, identifying the right patient, administering the right drug with the right dosage, at the right time and through the right route. Express Healthcare 05 November 2019
  • GS1 India to host 36th edition of Global GS1 healthcare conference in New Delhi With a focus on patient safety, the conference themes include track and trace for access to safe medicines. The Global GS1 healthcare conference will bring together Indian and international regulators, hospitals, drug and device manufacturers, private government bodies across the world to deliberate upon supply chain and operational efficiency issues, which can lower costs for healthcare providers and enhance patient safety in India. Express Healthcare 04 November 2019
  • Govt seeks RBI nod to expand FASTag usage The Centre has sought the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)’s approval for expanding the usage of radio frequency identification-based FASTags as open-loop cards to enable their use for other transactions like the purchase of fuel, according to officials aware of the development. Hindustan Times 22 October 2019
  • FASTag – Know Everything About This Digital Payment Tags Earlier this month, Nitin Gadkari, Road Transport and Highways Minister announced that FASTags would become mandatory for all vehicles from December 2019. Any private or commercial vehicle, which has the FASTag will be able to make contactless payments swiftly at toll plazas on national highways. FASTags comes under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program, which is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Hans India 18 October 2019
  • FASTag Will Soon be Mandatory For Your Car: This is How The Digital Payment Tag Works Earlier this month, the Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari announced that FASTags will become mandatory for all vehicles from December this year. This means that any vehicle, private or commercial, which has the FASTag will be able to swiftly make contactless payments at toll plazas on national highways and be on their way. News18 16 October 2019
  • Govt to regulate nebulizers, BP monitors, more devices from 1 Jan The government will now regulate quality and performance standards of commonly used medical devices such as nebulizers, blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers and glucometers, effective January 1, 2020. Mint 15 October 2019
  • Implementing GLN for hospitals needs a mind set change: Ravi Mathur, CEO, GS1 India Ravi Mathur, CEO, GS1 India speaks to Viveka Roychowdhury on the importance of each healthcare provider having a Global Location Number (GLN), linked to a national hospital registry. The GLN system ensures patients get more transparent information about the prices and services available and also helps detect and prevent medical insurance fraud Express Healthcare 04 October 2019
  • Empowering Shoppers through Smart Consumer App How the ‘Smart Consumer’ mobile app is helping brands and manufacturers to now connect directly with thousands of consumers across the country as never before. Progressive Grocer 03 October 2019
  • New GS1 US Research Reveals 59% of High-Growth Small Businesses See Direct Correlation Between Sales Growth and Complete Product Information A new study titled "Charting the Growth Journey: From Product to Profitable Business," conducted by GS1 US® in collaboration with Longitude, a Financial Times company, found that 59% of high-growth small business owners see a direct correlation between providing complete product information (such as images, product origins, and more) in their online listings with the number of products sold. Business Insider 17 September 2019
  • RFID account recharge a must to escape penalty Commercial vehicles with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags which have not got their accounts recharged will have to pay double the toll amount at 13 border points in Delhi where RFID systems have been installed, senior officials of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation said. The Hindu 13 September 2019
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