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  • Fotokart Pvt. Ltd.

    Company Description 

    Fotokart brings an intelligent online business mechanism for retailers, sellers and service providers. We have designed this app-based marketing solution to directly connect the sellers with their respective customers in each location. This robust marketplace comes with demography-oriented segmentation across various product and service categories. With our app, you can broaden your customer base in your respective location. Customers can search for their necessary products and services through this app. With your products and services available at their fingertips, you can boost your revenue.

    We have developed Fotokart as a comprehensive solution app, capable of connecting all types of customers to their respective sellers or service providers. Buyers would enjoy a seamless experience using the app, searching for their favourite products or services. In a few seconds, they would be connected to the sellers or service providers. The sophisticated mechanism enables the customers to view the seller profiles through the app. They can also check customer feedback, rating and shopping policy before making the purchase.

    Solution Provider Role  Retail software solution provider
    Industries Served  Retail Industry
    Address C/O Mukesh Chand Garg, Station Road, Sanjaya Colony, Ward no. 22, Gangapur City, 322201
    Headquarter (Country) India
    Geographies Served  India
    Website  https://www.fotokart.in/
    URL for product page  https://www.fotokart.in/
    Contact person Dr. Mukesh Chand Garg
    Primary Email support@fotokart.in
    Contact Number 9785007828
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