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GS1 barcodes enable you to sell your products through modern retail channels (in-store and online)

Over 2 million companies globally use GS1 barcodes, making it the defacto standards for the retail industry worldwide.

Why GS1

Unambiguous and universal identification of products
1. Unambiguous and universal identification of products

GS1 barcode, starting with prefix 890, provides unambiguous and universal identification to your products.

The unique product code could then be encoded to various barcode forms – liner barcode, QR code, Datamatrix , etc., based on the requirement to enable instant capture of product information.

These barcode for products enables authentication of its authorised owner, helping differentiate with product lookalikes.

Sell to leading retailers and online Shopping Sites
2. Sell to leading retailers and online Shopping Sites

To be able to sell through major retailers and online shopping site, suppliers/manufacturers have to affix GS1 barcodes for their products.

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Free Barcode Management with DataKart Service
3. Free Barcode Management with DataKart Service

Get free access to our DataKart service to easily assign and manage GTINs for your products. This helps avoid duplication of barcode. DataKart also enables:

  • View of all products information, their attributes, images, etc. from a single screen
  • Generate artwork for designing barcodes
  • View complete product lifecycle
Smart Consumer Mobile App
4. Comply with the product data requirements of FSSAI, AGMARK

DataKart also feeds the Smart Consumer mobile app and enabes compliance FSSAI and AGMARK's requirements on providing license numbers and validity to consumers.

Enhance online search results
5. Enhance online search results

Search engine giant Google has revealed a 40% improvement in search results when the GTIN (barcode number) is used within the product webpage, leading to higher visibility and more business. Read about Google’s GTIN Requirement.

Complying with Regulations
6. Complying with Regulations

National and international regulations currently requiring/endorsing the need for GS1 barcodes on products. Some of these are:

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Other reasons for barcoding products
7. Other reasons for barcoding products
  • Give an international look and feel to products
  • Facilitate inventory management by ensuring correct consignment dispatches as per customer orders
  • Enable automated data capture with 100% information accuracy, eliminating human errors


Around a year back, we came to know about GS1 product identification numbers and understood their use in selling products through multiple platforms (retail, online shopping, mobile, etc.), across States. Looking at the value proposition, we immediately subscribed for GS1 numbers. When we uploaded these numbers at Flipkart, we experienced higher product visibility online and improved search results, which both helped in increasing the sales of our products. Besides, we also plan to extend the use of GS1 barcode numbers in managing inventory in our warehouses and effective orders fulfilment.
Kutti Krishnan Director,
Bumberry Baby Products Private Limited
GS1 barcodes instil consumer confidence in our products and improves our product's look & feeland brand image.
Kajal Anand Managing Director,
Debon Herbals


I am happy to state that Amul was a pioneer in adopting the EAN/GS1 barcode way back in late '90s. We initially started using the barcodes for our export packings from 1997 and soon thereafter rolled it out for our packs in domestic market. Today, each of our 1100 SKUs have the GS1 barcode. It has been helpful to us and our trade partners including the modern format retail.
R S Sodhi Managing Director,
Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd., (AMUL)
We use GS1 barcodes to sell through Amazon. This helps us efficiently manage the inventory of our 15+ brands.
Nitin Kapur CEO,
I B A Crafts Pvt. Ltd.


Unique GS1 product codes helped in easy listing of our products with various e-commerce websites, including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Voonik, Limeroad, Paytm, etc.
Gireesh Bhat Managing Director,
In businesses like ours where there is so much competition, we get priority to list our products with retail chains because we use GS1 barcodes. We are also able to get our products on retail shelves faster as retailers don’t have to label our products at their end, which sometimes takes 2-7 days.
Kishore J Mehta Partner,
Elite Agarbathi Works


By using GS1 barcodes, we are able to list our products quickly on e-commerce websites, which significantly reduces our time to market and ultimately helps us increase sales.
Nanda Asudani CEO,
Em & Em Personal care
Assigning new barcode numbers to our promotional variants helps us differentiate between discounted and non-discounted apparel merchandise. This ensures dispatches of right products during the promotions and helps us monitor sales of promotional items.
Tarun Saraf Head-Finance,
Universal Sportsbiz Private Limited


For 8 years, we have been using GS1 barcodes on all our 400 SKUs to sell them through our own G+ outlets, franchised Gopaljee Ananda Fulfil stores and various multi-brand retail stores. These barcodes help us achieve faster billings at counters and to manage store inventory efficiently. We also have plans to leverage GS1 barcode numbers to list products with various grocery shopping websites and in automating dispatch processes.
R S Dixit Chairman and Managing Director,
Gopaljee Dairy Foods Pvt. Ltd. (RSD Group)
GS1 barcodes instil consumer confidence in our products and help give our product the same look & feel as a national brand.
Pratik Shah Proprietor,
Jain Incense Corporation


GS1 India team is very professional. It explains about service & Standards well, which helped us take right decisions for our business. I also like to thank the team for taking extra efforts in helping us generate barcode numbers and upload product description in DataKart. Overall, it was a satisfying experience.
Santosh Kumar Proprietor,
From the day we applied for GS1 barcode registration till today, GS1 India team has made the on-boarding seamless by sharing every relevant details and ensuring that we understand DataKart dashboard. Many thanks for this and keep going.
Santosh Kumar Managing Partner,
Calyx commodities


We run a chain of restaurants in Bangalore and Mysore. Our association with GS1 India has made a significant difference to our business especially in a business like ours, where there is so much competition. The barcoding process was entirely new to us, GS1 India team helped us understand the importance of barcoding to our business. The team at GS1 India has flawlessly assisted us in through the entire process of registration and uploading product information on DataKart. GS1 Barcodes helped us instilled consumer confidence in our products. And I'm sure labelling the products with GS1 barcodes will further help us grow our business.
Arpit Kapoor, Owner
Kapoor's Cafe

Disclaimer: GS1 India does not appoint/promote/empanel any facilitator, intermediaries, or agents, etc., for allocation of GS1 barcode numbers and its services. If any member of public deals with such unauthorized persons or with any people claims to be an agent of GS1 India, will be doing so entirely at their own risk and responsibilities.

Contact GS1 India offices directly for allocation of GS1 barcode numbers.