Barcode numbers play a crucial role in supply chains, including selling products over the counter and listing them on e-commerce websites. They help retailers and e-tailers in uniquely identifying each product and differentiating them from each other.

Over 2 million brand owners use GS1 barcodes across the globe, making it a de facto standard for the retail industry worldwide.

It is important to note that GS1 India is the only authorised body in India to issue GS1 barcode numbers. However, before making a purchase decision, let’s find out some of the benefits of GS1 barcode numbers


How do Barcodes Work?

Comply with various national and international regulations

Various national and international regulatory bodies have endorsed the use of GS1 barcodes on products. Use of GS1 barcode numbers help you in complying with various requirements, including that of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, DGFT, US FDA, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Delhi Excise EU Regulations on UDI, and more. Read more.


How do Barcodes Work?

Listing products with online and offline retailers

GS1 barcode numbers on your products enable you to list your products faster with leading retailers and online shopping portals.


How do Barcodes Work?

Higher search ranking of your products

GS1 barcode numbers, when used on a product webpage, shows 40% improvement in search results.


How do Barcodes Work?

Easy barcode management

GS1’s DataKart service enables free and easy barcode number management and generation of barcode images. Read more about the benefits of DataKart.


How do Barcodes Work?

GS1 India is the only authorized body to issue GS1 barcodes in India

Read about the business impact of buying barcodes from unauthorized sources.

An affiliate of GS1 Global, GS1 India is a standards organisation by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India and Bureau of Indian Standards. GS1 barcode is a 13-digit numeric code with prefix ‘890’ that is registered trademark under GS1 India.


How do Barcodes Work?

What to do in case you come across unauthorised selling of GS1 barcode numbers? In case you notice any agency or organisation claiming to provide GS1 barcodes at lower costs, you may report the activity to GS1 India. Give us a call on 011-42890830 or visit You can also contact GS1 India in case of any query related to purchasing or using GS1 barcode numbers on your products.

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