Supply Chain Traceability

Seamless supply chain traceability

Manufacturing industries across the world face the challenge in matching their system inventory with the physical one, and hence, tracking the real-time location of their products in the supply chain. GS1 DataKart Trace solves this problem by providing a seamless supply chain traceability solution regardless of industry or geography. It enables real-time track and trace throughout the supply chain.

How It Works

DataKart Trace is based on Global Traceability Standards (GTS), that enables track and trace of goods in supply chain across trading partners. It fully integrates with your ERP/ SAP system providing you complete visibility of products across the supply chain which can help you ensure better expiry management, reduce pilferages, and meet regulatory requirements such as FSSAI recall requirements etc.

Datakart Trace

GS1 Traceability Use Cases

Delhi Excise

Using GS1 Standards based traceability system to ensure effective track and trace of liquor and to empower customers authenticate their liquor before consumption.

Tata Pravesh

Ensuring end-to-end order tracking of its products under the brand name Tata Pravesh. Post installation, customers can also raise complaints using Smart Consumer mobile app.

Indian Army

Ensuring quality of food supplies through effective tracking of frozen and dry ration items from manufacturing up to Army Unit Canteens, as per FSSAI recall and traceability guidelines.

Indian Railways

Managing and know the real-time location of its assets – wagons, coaches and locomotives. This also helps Indian Railways capture data accurately on these assets while in transit and use this information for more efficient utilisation of its rolling stock.

Benefits of DataKart Trace


Targeted product recalls


Reduced pilferages


Greater inventory visibility and better expiry management


Enhanced customer trust


Compliance with domestic and global regulatory requirements


Suppliers to Indian Army Suppliers to Tata Pravesh Pesticide manufacturers
Rs. 50,000/- (excluding GST) per year Rs. 50,000/- (excluding GST) per year
  • Rs. 1,00,000/- (excluding GST) per year for one site location
  • Rs. 50,000/- (excluding GST) per year for any additional site location against the same prefix

To avail these benefits, GS1 India barcode subscribers can register for DataKart Trace.

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What is a GTIN?

GTIN® is a registered trademark of GS1 that stands for 'Global Trade Item Number'. It is also known as the GS1 barcode number for consumer products as this number is encoded in a product barcode.

GTIN provides unique identity to a product, globally, which acts as the key to several Retail applications, such as Point of Sale (PoS) billing, inventory management at retail outlets and distribution centres, and for traceability, product recall across supply chain trading partners.

Why do I need a GTIN?

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