Trust Starts With A Valid ID

With billions of products being traded in the global supply chain daily, it becomes a challenge for retailers and marketplaces to verify if the product barcode number and data at hand is accurate. Invalid product barcode numbers (GTINs) are a huge problem for online marketplaces and offline retailers. Incorrect/invalid GTINs jeopardises business operations of retailers/online marketplaces in managing product item masters with millions of GTINs, resulting in wrong ordering, dispatches and stockouts.

Retailers and online marketplaces therefore need to ensure that the product codes they receive from their suppliers/sellers are always valid.

GS1 India GTIN Validation enables online marketplaces, retailers, and content aggregators to validate GTINs/product barcode numbers along with core data attributes of products. This service is powered by DataKart - the national product data repository, and Verified by GS1 – a global solution for verifying the identity of products.

Barcode Validation

Enter a Barcode Number/GTIN

Example: 9506000140445

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Only data provided directly by brand owner

Benefits of GTIN Validation


Identify valid GTINs


Minimize GTIN misuse


Enhance consumer trust

Introduction To Verified By GS1

How Does It Work

GTIN Validation service uses DataKart, the national repository of Indian products, and ‘Verified by GS1’, the global product data registry, to validate product barcode numbers and their related information.


Free for individual GTIN search.

For bulk GTIN search, we provide APIs, please send us an e-mail to know more.

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