End-to-end product visibility in supply chain

Modern products have complex and global supply chains. Brand owners require inventory visibility of their products in the supply chain to make accurate demand forecasting and create better sales strategy. However, they usually have to deal with discrepancy between physical and system inventory, making it difficult to make data based decisions. This requires real time visibility to how many units of each SKU are in stock at each node in the supply chain. This will enable improving supply chain efficiency, reducing product stockouts, and better expiry management using First Expiry First Out (FEFO) principles.

DataKart Trace service enables greater visibility, traceability and transparency for all products across supply chains from raw materials to point of sale/use. This ensures end-to-end visibility of product.

Other Services

Unique Product Identification using barcodes

GS1 standards-based barcodes help in unique identification of SKUs


Logistics Unit Identification

The logistics units like product cartons and shipping containers gets uniquely identified to facilitate end-to-end visibility and tracking

Delivery Management

Using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the supplier, transporter and receiver can provide timely information for delivery management


Track and Trace Solution

DataKart Trace based on Global Traceability Standards (GTS) enables tracking of product through supply chain and improve inventory visibility



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