Organisation Culture

The culture of the organization stems from our core values:

  • Neutral & not for profit
  • Global & local
  • Trust & integrity
  • Inclusive & collaborative

We are looking for people who think out of the box, are energetic, motivated and want to be a part of the unique solutions that we offer to the industry.

Key individual qualities that we value the most are purpose, ownership, integrity, effective communication, leadership and inclusive participation.

Professionals who have experience working in cutting-edge technologies and have the capacity to work under challenging circumstances would be the best fit at GS1 India.

Life At GS1 India

Our work facilitates dynamic experiences, new learnings and enormous growth opportunities. We also help individuals grow professionally by providing numerous opportunities/ trainings etc.

Guided by our core value of ‘inclusion and collaboration’, we offer collaborative work environment to foster personal as well as professional development.

At GS1 India, every employee plays a vital role at their levels, and provides meaningful and constructive voice on issues that affect organization as well as our subscribers.

We are a team of dynamic individuals who are passionate about the work they do and are driven with a sense of purpose. We look for creative individuals who are curious, continuous learners, and take ownership of the work they do.

We help individuals grow professionally by providing numerous learning opportunities/ trainings and on job mentorship. If you are the kind of person looking to work in a dynamic environment and are committed to bring a positive change in the industry, then feel free to reach out to us by submitting your CV in our database.

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