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DataKart is a repository of information on retailed products with details of each attribute (ingredient, product image, MRP, net content, dimension etc.). It enables streamlining of product information between various departments of brand owners and enable them to share accurate, trusted, and updated SKU data with retailers/e-tailers in a consistent, structured, and standardized manner, in real time.

DataKart provides foundational data for several B2B, B2G, B2C requirements, which include faster product listing, optimised planogramming, efficient trucking and warehouse management, product recall alert, compliance with statutory labelling/marking guidelines, license/certificate validation, and need for additional product information to enable consumers (through Smart Consumer mobile app) make informed purchase decisions.

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Our services are synonymous with customer satisfaction, trust and value. And those are what echo from our customers' feedback. Know what our customers say about us.

GS1 has helped my brand Equinox in numerous ways to reach to large number of audience worldwide by offering unique & universal identity to my products in the form of GTINs. The barcode numbers generated through the DataKart service has helped me list the company products with ease on local, global platforms and marketplaces, ensuring no duplication and brand security. Bhavna Garg Equinox Overseas Private Limited

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ClickIt App

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e-Cataloguing & Imaging

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