Keep your barcodes valid at all times

All GS1 barcode subscriptions have a validity period. Renew GS1 barcode subscription well before its expiry to ensure that your barcodes remain valid at all times, you get access to your DataKart account and enable validation of your barcode numbers through various GS1 repositories.

Why Renew

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Continue to use barcodes on your products

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Compliance with buyer and State tender requirements

Compliance with regulatory requirements

Compliance with regulatory requirements

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Continued access to your DataKart account

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Continued access to ClickIt app

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Reach to consumers through Smart Consumer app

Renew Your Barcode Subscription In 3 Simple Steps

1. Check renewal fees

Renewing for a longer duration provides greater savings.

Click here to download renewal fees icon GCP Renewal

Fee Calculator

*All fees include 18% GST

2. Pay fees

Pay using one of the following options:


(using internet banking/credit card/debit card/UPI)

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Demand Draft or Pay Orders

Please note: -

  • If you renew your GS1 subscription before expiry of the same, you'll get 3 months' extra validity (applicable only for renewal of 3/5/10 years).
  • Renewing your barcode subscription within 15 days of expiry date will not attract any penalty. After 15 days, a penalty of ₹1,180 will be charged for next 30 days. Beyond which, your barcode subscription will be terminated for non-payment of renewal fees.

3. Send confirmation

After payment, fill Renewal Payment Confirmation Form

Note: Companies/organisations that have not renewed their barcode subscription and continue to use GS1 barcodes beyond their validity period would attract legal action from GS1 India for violation for our terms of use. Please refer to the public notice regarding the same.

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