Together We Can

National Industry Forum for Retail is a platform for retail stakeholders (brand owners, retailers, and online marketplaces) to collaborate on their common challenges and enhance operational efficiency. The objective is to develop responsive, consumer centric and vibrant omni-channel retailing, which enables higher growth and enhanced operational performance of trading partners. GS1 India acts as a facilitator in organizing meetings and projects of various workstreams.


The aim of this forum is to collaboratively address challenges faced by brand owners, retailers and e-tailers in their supply & demand chain processes, using global best practices and standards.


Brand owners, retailers, and online marketplaces are working together to solve various supply chain challenges.

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Out of the several supply & demand chain issues that significantly impact operational efficiencies, NIFR members are collaborating on addressing the below.

Best practices and standards adoption

Aligns industry practice on creation/assignment of product barcode numbers (GTINs), sharing of SKU data standardise product descriptions and barcode placement on packaging

Logistics standardisation

Automate supplies receipts at retailer DCs to enable faster inwarding/reconciliation, enable efficient expiry management, and standardise electronic data exchange on ASNs

Enabling seamless consumer experience in omnichannel retailing

Standardise product data (images & attributes) across e-marketplaces and physical stores, and enable validation of GTINs

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