Ensure targeted and efficient product recalls

An effective recall needs seamless data flow among supply chain partners with unambiguous and unique identification of products, consignments, locations, parties, and documents.

The overall objective should be to facilitate speedy, transparent, accurate and localized product withdrawals in supply chain when required. This, in turn, requires implementation of globally accepted standards pertaining to traceability systems within the supply chains crossing over geographically dispersed partners and complying with the requirements of varied buyers/regulators worldwide.

With GS1 Recall service, you can achieve all of this and more. Our recall solution is based on GS1 Global Traceability Standards incorporated in DataKart Trace.

Other Services

Unique Product Identification using barcodes

GS1 standards based barcodes help in unique identification of specific product batches/units for recall

Track and Trace Solutions

DataKart Trace based on Global Traceability Standards (GTS) enables tracking of product throughout the supply chain

Source of Origin Tracking

Source of origin of each ingredient can be traced, aiding in enhanced consumer safety and trust



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