With the rapid growth of e-commerce, detailed & accurate product attribute information becomes more crucial since consumers became highly dependent on what they see online to make purchase decisions.

Additional product information in terms of what is mentioned on the product label, such as food ingredients, consistency, its life, calories, recipes and much more, becomes inaccessible in case it is not provided in product description.

That’s why national repository of product information plays a critical role in storing and sharing consistency, complete, accurate and trusted information on products from across categories. This information gains further trust as it is provided directly by manufacturers/brand owners.

India’s national repository of product information is DataKart, which is also linked to Smart Consumer mobile app that empowers billions of consumers with digitally access of product information.

The Smart Consumer mobile application (free for Android and iOS) is developed by GS1 India, a global supply chain standards organization. It lets consumers scan the product barcode using their mobile phones, to access complete product information before making purchase decisions. Besides product information, the app also provides information about the consumer care details of the company, and an option to file complaints or share product feedback directly with brand owners.

Smart Consumer app also enables consumers to validate product licenses, including FSSAI, AGMARK, BIS, etc.

Please note that only product barcode numbers starting with 890 could be scanned using the app since these are unique product IDs, provided by global supply chain standards organization – GS1 India.

Additionally, regulatory compliance authority on food – FSSAI & AGMARK, recently directed food companies to upload their product information along with their license numbers and expiry dates, on the Smart Consumer mobile app.

To know about how this app works, click on this link

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