Today, almost every product in the market comes under the perishable category, as every product has a shelf life. But when we talk about perishable goods, we usually mean the items with shorter shelf life, such as food items, medicines and other consumables. These perishable goods require faster response time for recalling them in case if any damage or problem detected. Traceability can help minimize the distribution of harmful items to the consumers by ensuring faster response rate and quicker product recalls. Let us understand how.

Why is traceability important for perishable goods?

Traceability gives brand owners visibility of their products along the supply chain – from its origin till the point of sale.

At every point in the supply chain journey, there are multiple trading partners responsible for moving the product till it is sold to the consumers. Moreover, each finished product usually has several components like raw materials, ingredients, etc., which may have been provided by different suppliers.

Traceability helps trace each of these elements from across the upstream supply chain, amongst multiple trading partners, ensuring any issue is detected easily and as early as possible. Hence, traceability establishes a relation between upstream and downstream supply chain. Let us get an idea how traceability does the job of establishing this link.

Upstream and Downstream Traceability

Upstream Traceability is the journey of a product from farm to the manufacturer, while Downstream Traceability is the journey of a product from manufacturer to the consumer. Every product is made of various components. Every component has its shelf life. And this stands true for food items as well. Consumable such as food, beverages, etc., usually have a shorter life span. With traceability, not only can product batches be tracked in the downward supply chain but even its components that has gone into those batches can be easily traced in the upward supply chain.

Does traceability help in quick recall to ensure consumer safety?

Yes, traceability helps in quicker product recalls for all categories, but it is much more critical for perishable goods. Faster recall can also help in safeguarding brand’s reputation in the market. It is also especially helpful in case of pharmaceutical drugs where delays can result in fatality.

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