With newer products being launched every year, consumers has a wider range of products to choose from. This wide accessibility is also attributed to various new players in e-tailing offering services in remotest corners of the country.

But despite all this, the retail scene looks grim. Consumer confidence in products is diminishing than ever before and with more awareness, consumers have started asking for product authentication as proof to rely on product claims.

Barcodes play an integral role in establishing product identity and verifying product claimsThese black and white bars on the product label, which up till now considered just a convenience at point of sale counters, have starting gaining more and more importance from consumers’ perspective.  

Besides being used in several B2B operations, today barcodes are being considered by consumers as gateway to truth. This is possible with the advent of various mobile scanning applications that enable consumers get more information on products and sometimes, verify the claims made on the product label. 

The premise of most of these applications is to provide complete product information to enable shoppers make the right purchase decisions since the insufficient / illegible information on product label, at times, cause hindrance. 

On such trusted mobile application is Smart Consumer app, which was launched in December 2016, with an objective of empowering consumers with reliable product information. This is particularly important since most of the scanning applications bank on crowd-sourced product data, which, at time, is incorrect and mislead consumers. In the sharp contrast, data populated on the Smart Consumer app is sourced directly from brand owners of products.

A simple scan of the barcode, starting with ‘890’, using the Smart Consumer mobile app, enables consumers to access information, such as brand name, ingredients, product image, MRP, net content, dimensions, Regulatory information like FSSAI/ISI/BEE license number and its validity, etc.

Smart Consumer app can also be used to share feedback on products, directly with their manufacturers.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Smart Consumer app from your Google Play or Apple Store, and start scanning barcodes starting with ‘890’. 

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