Unicorn e-commerce platform, ShopClues, is the latest to subscribe to GS1 India’s DataKart service.

Several compelling reasons have prompted ShopClues to subscribe to DataKart such as:

Access to GTIN (EAN code) for each product to meet Google’s requirements

Most e-commerce platforms rely on Google to advertise and sell their products online. In order to do this, advertisers have to submit GTINs as part of their Google Shopping feed. While most brand owners assign unique GTINs to their products, sellers don’t always have the latest/right information, making it a time-consuming process for ShopClues to source the information. ShopClues can now source latest product GTIN information, along with its associated product attributes directly from DataKart, streamlining the process.

Reduce customer confusion while shopping online

Online shoppers solely depend on product descriptions, specifications and images to make purchase decisions. Conflicting or slightly different descriptions about a product can confuse them.

ShopClues has identified that by using the standardised and detailed product description and specifications, available through DataKart, they can ensure consistent information is visible to shoppers, even when sold by different sellers, thereby increasing the probability of sale. Sourcing product data from DataKart will also ensure the data is accurate, trusted and timely as the information is provided directly from brand owners themselves.

Reduce product listing time for sellers

ShopClues also envisions the time sellers take to list products on their platform will reduce due to DataKart. Today, sellers input product descriptions and specifications for each product. Now that product information will be sourced directly from brands (not sellers) through DataKart, sellers will not be required to input the data again at their end, which would speed the product listing process.

Build an accurate item master

Another advantage ShopClues expects from their DataKart subscription is the ease to maintain a unique item master/product catalogue by considerably removing duplicate product entries.

With access to accurate product data, other benefits, such as responding faster to shopper search query online (by matching queries to product catalogues) to recommending similar products based on shopper preferences, are possible.

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