FSSAI recently sent a letter to Industry asking them to publish FSSAI license numbers along with other product attributes for all food products to the Smart Consumer mobile app, developed by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India.

To share detailed information on this requirement and to assist Industry in its compliance, GS1 India conducted a series of webinars over the last several weeks. Through these webinars, steps/actions companies need to take in order to make their product information visible to consumers through the Smart Consumer mobile app, were shared.

The app draws FSSAI information along with other core product information from GS1 India’s DataKart service, which allows brand owners to upload, store and share accurate product information and images in a standardised and structured manner.

The advantages for brands in sharing product information through the Smart Consumer app are:

  • Easily share product information that may be difficult to read on the product package due to limited space
  • Give consumers access to more information that could ever fit on a package label
  • Meet all labelling and marking regulatory requirements

This initiative is a step towards furthering the vision of Digital India by utilising alternative means (other than product label) such as Smart Labels, to share required regulatory compliance information with consumers, which could be beneficial to both brands and consumers.

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