Consulting & Advisory

Conceptualising & delivering robust solutions for enhanced supply chain visibility and business profitability

GS1 India offers Consulting & Advisory services to businesses to optimise the efficiency and productivity of their supply chains through use of GS1 global standards & solutions.

These enable critical business applications related to product authentication/counterfeit detection, product/consignment track & trace, product recalls, FIFO management, inventory management, stocks availability/real time monitoring, planograming/retail shelf space optimisation, warehouse management, point of sale billing, electronic data exchange amongst trading partners etc.

As part of its Consulting/Advisory portfolio, GS1 India undertakes comprehensive study of supply chain processes across Industry sectors covering omni channel retail, healthcare, transport & logistics, Defence etc, identifies related areas of inefficiency and provides recommendations/ solutions on how these could be addressed through the adoption of GS1 global standards.

Through the extensive network of 112 GS1 organisations worldwide and GS1 Global’s linkage with leading 6 Auto ID/Innovation labs across the world, GS1 India is in a position to provide guidance/ advice on adoption of cutting edge technologies/applications with global standards for identification, data capture and share across trading partners.   

GS1 works closely with Industry, solution providers in enabling adoption of emerging technologies, applications related to Blockchain, IoT, etc, particularly in the Retail sector.


We offer services across sectors, including Retail, Healthcare, T&L, Defence, and Agriculture

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