Logistic Unit (SSCC)

Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC) are used to identify shipments/cartons/logistics units as they travel through the supply chain 

Retail supply chain partners including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, stockists, retailers and logistics providers, can derive benefits when product packaging at the carton/shipment level are uniquely identified with the GS1 identifier - SSCC.

SSCC’s are encoded in barcodes, which are used to identify cartons/shipments.

Benefits realized from using SSCC barcodes

  • Ability to automate inventory management processes through automated data capture of information on cartons/shipments in dispatch, receipt and storage operations.
  • Facilitates correct linkage between physical supplies and related electronic information flow captured in WMS/ERP applications.
  • Provides visibility and easy identification of physical supplies during transit to all supply chain partners.
  • Enables prioritizing supplies movement based on FIFO (first in first out) principles.
  • Facilitates accurate identification of damaged consignments and efficient reverse logistics
  • Facilitates efficient and accurate product recall notifications thus limiting liability and damages to both supplier and buyer.
  • Facilitates compliance with track & trace requirements of different Regulations and buyer requirements

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