Update Company Information

Inform us about company name changes, legal status changes, mergers or acquisitions

When we allot GS1 barcode numbers or any GS1 identifier to a company, we ensure that no other company in the world has the same number, which makes our identifiers unique and universal. Since this information is accessed by buyers/consumers worldwide it is important that your company information is always up-to-date with us. 

In the event of any change in your company name, its legal status, merger, acquisition or demerger you will have to inform us immediately.  

We will require supporting documents to effect any requests to transfer GS1 barcode numbers or any GS1 identifier from the one entity to the other. If submitted documents are not able to substantiate sufficient proof, the transfer may not be effected. 

Steps to update company information:

Steps Instructions

View the documents to be submitted for the desired change:


Send a scanned copy of the requested documents to info@gs1india.org. You may also send these documents through post/courier to:
Legal Department
GS1 India
330, 2nd Floor, C Wing, August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi - 110066


After you receive our approval to the desired changes, fill up the Update Company Name/Legal Status Form, pay fees (if applicable) and e-mail the form to info@gs1india.org.  

Fees can be paid through our payment gateway or through NEFT, Cheque, Demand Draft or Pay Order.


Fees for updating record: 

  • If informed within 3 months of change: no fees 

  • If informed after 3 months of change: ₹1,000 + GST @ 18%

For any further assistance, e-mail us at info@gs1india.org.