Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is DataKart?

    DataKart is a cloud-based online service from GS1 India. It helps brand owners assign unique GTINs/EAN codes to every product variant, and seamlessly upload, store and exchange detailed information about the product, its content, with retailers and e-tailers. It also allows brand owners to share product information with consumers directly through its mobile app.

  • How can I access my DataKart account?

    You can access your DataKart account by visiting https://gs1datakart.org/?q=login. Use the login details (Username and Password) provided in the ‘GS1 Barcode Number Allotment Letter’ received at the time of registration.

    Note: GS1 India subscribers who are registered with us prior to April 1, 2016, please use your GEPIR username and password to access your DataKart account for the first time. This login information is available in your ‘GS1 Company Prefix Allotment Letter’ received at the time of registration.

    If you need help with your login details, please write to us at datakart@gs1india.org.

  • How do I generate a barcode image for my product in DataKart?

    To generate an EAN-13 barcode image:

    • Login to your DataKart account
    • Select ‘View Product Data’ from the homepage
    • Click the barcode icon in the ‘Action’ column

    Send the barcode image file to the company that designs your product label artwork, to incorporate it into the design.

    Once you have your product packaging artwork, send it to us to verify the scannability of your barcode. For information on our Barcode Verification Service, visit /content/barcode-verification.

    For information on where to place your barcode image and printing recommendations, refer to Creating & Printing Barcodes.

  • If my product information changes, can I update it in DataKart?

    Yes, you can update your product information in DataKart whenever the product undergoes any change. 

    In fact, we recommend that product information should be updated in DataKart at all times to prevent miscommunication in the marketplace since the information from DataKart is assessed by the consumers through Smart Consumer mobile app and also through retailers and e-tailers if the product is published to them.

    To update the product information, follow the steps below:

    • Login to your DataKart account
    • Go to ‘View Product Data’ page
    • Click on the ‘Edit Product Data’ button in the Action Center
    • Change the product information and click on ‘Save & Publish’ button.
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