GS1 India’s DataKart is a repository for storing product information. It enables suppliers, brand owners/manufacturers and retailers to access, manage and share product master data.

DataKart uses cloud computing, which involves online storage and retrieval of product information. For those, who do not know, cloud computing is a set of services. This includes portfolio management, data storage, information sharing, database creation, multiple-party networking, and analytics. Cloud services are used worldwide for data storage and recovery, big data analytics, and drawing marketing and sales insights.

DataKart offers numerous opportunities for improving business operations. It enables brand owners to share SKU data with retailers/e-tailers in a consistent and structured manner. GS1 India’s traceability service also uses DataKart for real-time tracking of products in the supply chain. It empowers consumer apps like Smart Consumer and provides access to product data, the ability to authenticate, share with marketplaces. DataKart overcomes the challenges of traditional data sharing where the probability of missing out on information is much higher.

DataKart repository acts as a single source of information for brand owners, retailers/online marketplaces, solution providers, and consumer apps. Unlike traditional information sharing, DataKart offers automated sharing of information, leading to better accuracy and real-time delivery.

DataKart issues and manages barcode numbers for trade items and manages data on the repository. These codes provide a unique identity to products and enable manufacturers to trace them across the supply chain. DataKart stores product details – product ID, size, color, shelf life, etc., and facilitates third-party integration. It is a trusted database, populated directly by brand owners. DataKart eliminates multiple needs of compiling and sharing the data. DataKart automates the entire process of information sharing, saving a lot of time.

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