Quick Guide to Generate GTIN Barcodes

E-commerce websites, like Amazon, Big Basket and others require sellers to enter product IDs/GTINs to get listed on their shopping portal. GS1 India allocates GTINs, which can be generated through DataKart (MDM system that enables the online generation and management of GTINs).

This blog is a quick guide which will help companies and brand owners generate GTINs or GS1 barcode numbers for their products.


  • Register with GS1 India
  • Login to DataKart
  • Get GTIN allocation
  • Download Barcodes for printing

Steps to Generate GTIN

The steps to generate GTIN are given below.

Register with GS1 India

In case you want to sell your products or services through an online platform then you can issue a request to GS1 India for allocation of GTIN. In fact, once you are registered with GS1 India or any other authorized GS1 organization, you can create any of the GS1 ID keys using your subscription number.

GS1 India is the only authorized body in India to allocate these barcode numbers. If you are not registered yet, the first step is registering with GS1 India.

For registration, fill out an online form by visiting GS1 India website.

barcode registration form

While filling out the form, it is important to carefully select the ‘number of product barcodes’ based on your both current and future requirements for barcode numbers. This is because when any change occurs to your product (in net content, ingredients, pack size, etc.) or a new one gets introduced (promotional variants/new products), you would be required to change the barcode number on the same.

This must be taken into account while deciding for the barcode number capacity since it’s not possible to upgrade the selected capacity after registration. In such cases, you would need to apply a fresh registration by paying the applicable registration and annual fee at that time

The GTINs are available in batches of 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000.

After filling in the required details and attaching the required company documents, pay the required fees using payment options. Once this process is completed, you will receive your barcode subscription allotment letter in 4-7 working days.

Login to DataKart

Use the credentials given in your GTIN allocation letter to log in to DataKart portal.

Datakart login

  • After logging in to DataKart, click on the ‘Create Product Data’ icon on your DataKart home.

create product data

  • The ‘Create Product Data’ screen will appear, with GTIN as a prefilled value and different product attributes as blank fields. You may take a note of this GTIN.

product data creation


To assign a GTIN number allocated to your product, add the product attributes and hit ‘Save & Publish’ towards the end.

In DataKart, you may either add data of a product individually or in bulk. If you have a large number of products you can download an Excel template, put the details in the template, and upload the same.

Once done, GTIN numbers get allocated to your products.

For help, visit the ‘Knowledge Centre’ under ‘Resources’, or seek support by visiting the ‘Support’ link under ‘Resources’.

support related resources

In case, you get stuck at readily available product images, download GS1 India’s ClickIt mobile app from Google PlayStore to capture e-commerce-ready product images from your mobile phone.

Download barcode images for packaging artwork

From DataKart home, click on ‘Generate and Print Barcodes’ and go to the ‘SKU’ option. Select the Product Name and Output File Type, and click ‘Generate’.

generate and print barcodes

DataKart also enables you to print barcodes for your cartons and pallets, logistic labels, etc.

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