Today, consumers have become much more aware of what they are buying and consuming. Consumers like to authenticate every single product they are buying and verify its origin, its quality licenses, its allergen information to ascertain whether the product is safe to consume and worth paying for. To ensure this, the only option that was earlier available to a consumer was to read the product information on the label and believe it. But as consumers are getting smarter in their way of shopping, technological advancements cater to their growing need for product information and verification.

Since supply chain data is only accessible by brand owners and other key stakeholders, consumers do not usually get to know if the information printed on the label is accurate or not. This is where Spot Authentication becomes important.

What is Spot Authentication?

As the name suggests, Spot Authentication means that consumers can get accurate information about a product to validate the label information. This can be done by scanning the product barcode on the label through Smart Consumer mobile app. The information consumers get via scanning the barcode is uploaded directly by brand owners, hence, highly accurate and reliable. This also include expiry date of certifications of issued by FSSAI and AGMARK,

How does Smart Consumer mobile app help consumers in authenticating product information?

Spot Authentication has been made accessible to consumers in India through Smart Consumer mobile app that is powered by GS1 India’s DataKart – the national repository of information on retailed products and their attributes. DataKart carries details of various attributes of a product, such as its net weight, license numbers and their validity, MRP, product pack dimensions, consumer care details, etc. With the help Smart Consumer mobile app, a consumer can quickly scan the barcode printed on the product label/package and get access to trusted information provided by the brand owner.

Also, brand owners can enables their consumers to validate each SKU by making them uniquely. For example, in case of any particular brand of strawberry jam, if there is a serial number at the bottom of the strawberry jam jar, and it is supposed to be sold at a particular outlet. Smart Consumer app can help consumers verify if that jar is authorized to be sold in that outlet or not. Want to understand how Smart Consumer mobile app works? Watch this video.

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